Demolition services

Demolition is one of the riskiest areas of the construction industry. This is very broad field of construction that requires special knowledge and experience. Before starting the demolition of the building, we are interested what will be built at the site of the demolished house or structure then it is better to prepare the construction site for the next construction phase.

A professional team carries out demolition work:

  • Demolishing of all types of walls (masonry, blocks, concrete, plasterboard, etc.).
  • Demolition of garden houses, self-contained, residential and industrial buildings, demolition of foundations.
  • Toilet, bathroom demonstration.
  • Removing tiles, laminate, linoleum, wallpaper.
  • Wooden or concrete floor management, floor dredging.
  • Environmental, old building management, garbage removal works.

We transport soil, sand, earth for the formation or lifting of the plot.